Shudokan Karate

A local dojo, Shudokan Karate, needed a poster to advertise their 30th annual memorial tournament. I had great fun simplifying and abstracting the figures.

And some additional design choices I presented as well.


Disney • Pixar's Merida, from Brave

The character Merida from the Disney • Pixar movie Brave, is a complex and intricately detailed character to draw. A fun and rewarding challenge. I enjoyed doing all three!
Using the full color image as a template,
built the vector line work to create the black line art.

The three finished illustrations in vector line art.

Toy Story Hotel—logo update

The Toy Story Hotel needed a character update for the logo, to include more of the characters from the latest movie. I was provided with the full color version, showing me the placement for the new three, and the line art of the previous version showing the style I needed to match.
My task was to ink, using vector line, the new characters into position, matching the previous line art.

The full color art with the three new characters, and the previous line art, needing the new three.

Building the vector line art.

The three new characters inked, and set in place.
The new three Toy Story characters inked and in place, with the previous line art.
The new three with the rest of the previous line art characters.

The mascot "Scorch"

       My son's school has a dragon as a mascot. They selected me to create a kid friendly character, Scorch, to use in the promotion of their jog-a-thon fundraiser.

       The success of the character allowed me to create another pose:

Jason Bovberg's Blood Trilogy Book Covers

       The author, Jason Bovberg, wished to recreate the feeling and style of the first book cover for the subsequent two books.

Bench for the local chapter of DAR

       The local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution are in the process of donating a bench to our city. As part of their presentation they wanted to show what the bench would look like in person. Since it doesn't exist, yet, they asked me to create a digital version.
       Putting together all the details, like stone type, bench size, engraving content, I got to creating!
       Here's the first version, including a brass plaque of the DAR logo.

       There was some concern about the plaque, and the choice was made to replace it with an engraved logo instead. 

       The back of the bench also will have engraving work.